The Featherstone Set

Music, language, incongruities and aesthetics

Research into similarities between music and language processing is an area of psychological enquiry currently experiencing a strong renewed interest. These pages present the stimulus set I developed in response to a call for more systematicity by leading researchers in music and language psychology.

In this auditory set, the same manipulation of congruence, illustrated below, was applied to the four different components at the centre of this field of research: harmony, rhythm, semantics and syntax. A paper describing the creation, norming and validation of this stimulus set is currently under review. Upon publication, these stimuli will be made available to other researchers.

The systematic approach adopted throughout this process makes this set a theoretically grounded and empirically validated contribution to this growing area of research in want of greater systematicity.

Experimental manipulation

These stimuli were developed during my PhD at the University of Leeds. This PhD was funded by an ESRC +3 Open Competition Scholarship, and was supervised by Mitch Waterman and Catriona Morrison.