What do I do?


Psychometrics is about psychological measurement. My work centres on analysing data from assessments to establish how reliable the assessment is, whether any items should be removed because they seem to be unfairly disadvantaging candidates and how the assessment as a whole could be improved. I also carry out analyses in which the aim is to see how a newly developed marking scheme compares to a previously used marking scheme. The results of these analyses are reported to lead examiners and exam boards along with advice on how to interpret and act on the outcomes of the analyses.


Working with the Educationalist at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RSCEd), I also provide training for our examiners. This training covers a number of different areas relevant to assessment, from examiner behaviour in practical exams to marking, writing questions, standard setting, and designing robust assessment systems. We also provide question writing and editing workshops. All our training days and workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each exam, identified through a synthesis of assessor reports, analyses of previous exam diets, and our scrutiny of the different components of each exam in the light of current best practice.


I also work with the Educationalist to provide advice on different issues relating to assessments, from candidates around the pass mark to marking schemes and exam structures. Combining our experience, knowledge and skills, our work consists in using sound design principles and robust analyses to ensure assessments are fit for purpose.